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    SimplySold Reviews 2024: Should You Choose Them?

    Posted by Clark Callen Posted at June 27, 2024

    SimplySold is a cash home-buying company that enables you to sell your house quickly and for cash. They claim to offer the best prices for homes, multi-tenant buildings, townhouses, condos, duplexes, and commercial properties. They are a local company serving the states of Florida and Georgia, allowing you to sell your property in a fast and hassle-free way.

    SimplySold will buy your home just in any condition, without you having to spend a dollar on repair & upgrades, closing costs, agent commissions, etc. As mentioned on their website, the selling process does not require any formal inspection. You can also pick any preferred closing date – whether the property is vacant or occupied does not matter.

    However, just like any cash home-buying company, SimplySold’s ‘best offer’ might not match your expectations. They are likely to offer you only around 50% to 70% of your home’s Fair Market Value (FMV). The offer might sound lucrative if your property needs significant investment in repairs.

    Wondering if you should choose SimplySold to sell your home fast? Check out our comprehensive review.

    Is SimplySold Legit?

    Buying homes as-is with zero fees, no repairs, no clean-ups – you might be wondering what’s the catch. Luckily, there isn’t any. SimplySold is a legitimate business that has been serving Florida and Georgia since 2004. It is a BBB-accredited company and has an A+ rating, which indicates they operate legitimately.

    Furthermore, the company has listed their contact number and official address on their website. They also have decent reviews and ratings on credible review websites, appreciating the team for their professionalism and support team.  This shows there isn’t any hush-hush situation about their lawful presence.

    What Types of Properties Do They Buy?

    While there are no specifics about the type of properties that SimplySold buys, the company claims they purchase all types of homes as-is. These may include homes, multi-tenant buildings, townhouses, condos, duplexes, and commercial properties. As any other cash home buyer, they are likely to have experience buying

    • Inherited properties
    • Distressed homes that require major or minor repairs
    • Properties with significant structural damages
    • Houses facing bank or tax foreclosures
    • Downsized properties

    SimplySold Coverage

    SimplySold provides cash home-buying services only in select states, Florida and Georgia. Their service coverage spans five cities in these two states, including Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta.

    Home Selling Process With SimplySold 

    It is good to find that SimplySold has a fast and expedient process to help you sell your home as quickly as possible. Here are the steps you should follow:

    • Talk to a local representative: If you want to sell your home for fast cash, simply call them at 866-833-7355 and get in touch with a local team member to discuss your property. They will guide you through the further process.
    • Share information about your property: SimplySold will need you to send a video or photo of your home that highlights the property comprehensively. If required, you can also schedule an appointment for a team member to visit your home.
    • Get an offer: Regardless of what type of property you want to sell – vacant or occupied – and whichever condition it is in, SimplySold will propose a ‘fair price’ based on your home’s equity.
    • Complete the paperwork: If you are happy with their price offer, complete their hassle-free paperwork process and you are all set to sell your home.
    • Close the deal: Pick any flexible closing date of your choice and settle the deal with a licensed title company. 

    SimplySold Payout

    When you trust a cash home-buying company like SimplySold to sell your home for quick cash, you may have an idea of how much they will pay you. Can SimplySold stand by your expectations? Let’s understand here.

    Typically, when you sell your property, you’d expect a price equivalent to its equity. However, that isn’t always the case with a cash home buyer. SimplySold does not specify its offer price range, but we are assuming it falls between 50% to 70% of your property’s Fair Market Value.

    This might sound unfair if your property is in absolutely perfect condition, but you need to sell it because you need emergency cash. However, most properties sold on cash either require major repairs or have some disputes. In such situations, getting 50%-70% of your home’s equity without shedding a penny from your pocket may be a viable option for you.

    SimplySold Ratings and Reviews

    When it comes to selling your property via a cash home buyer, it is important that you read their reviews first. This will enable you to understand the legitimacy of their business, level of professionalism, payout, etc.

    SimplySold has a good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google with 56 reviews. Also, they have an excellent 4.73 out of 5 rating on Better Business Bureau with an average of 11 customer reviews.

    Most customers have praised the company for their professionalism, honesty, and fair pricing. They have also appreciated that SimplySold is extremely easy to work with and is quick in closing the deal. On the other hand, a few customers have complained about their spammy emails and phone calls.

    SimplySold Pros & Cons

    You must consider the following advantages and limitations of selling your home to SimplySold.


    • Sell your home as-is: SimplySold claims to buy your home regardless of what condition it is in – damaged, occupied, under foreclosure, etc. This ensures you complete peace of mind. 
    • Local experts: They are a locally-owned company that has been helping hundreds of homeowners across Georgia and Florida sell their houses fast.
    • Get a quick cash offer: SimplySold claims they can give you a fair cash offer in less than 24 hours, giving you quick money for your contingency needs.
    • Zero upfront costs: Another advantage of selling to SimplySold is that you do not have to spend a dime out of your pocket for the agent’s commission, repair or upgrade costs, home listing or inspection fees, closing costs, etc.
    • Choose your closing date: According to their website, you can pick your preferred closing timeline as suitable for you. SimplySold strives to close the deal at the earliest possible.


    • Limited area coverage: A disadvantage of SimplySold is its limited service coverage. They buy homes only in Florida and Georgia.
    • Lowball cash offers: Like most cash home buyers, you can expect to get only around 50%-70% of your home’s market value, regardless of whatever condition it may be in.
    • Zero negotiations: Another disadvantage is that you are not open to negotiations. Since they buy your property as-is, you can hardly negotiate for a suitable cash offer. You either accept their offer or reject it.

    SimplySold Competitor Analysis

    To make an informed decision about selling your home, it is ideal to compare two or three cash home-buying companies before you decide on the right one. So, here are some top competitors of SimplySold worth comparing.

    Cash Homebuyers America

    Cash Homebuyers America is a cash home-buying company that purchases problem properties. If you are struggling with difficult situations like low equity, foreclosure, or probate, they will buy your home as-is against a fair cash offer. They have a 4.9 rating on Google with 41 reviews. The company provides similar services to SimplySold and claims to close a sale within a few days.

    However, they provide services across America, whereas SimplySold is limited to only two states.   


    HomeVestors is the largest cash home-buying franchisor in the U.S., having 800+ offices across the country. The company has a similar business model to that of SimplySold, although they have a huge closing timeline of at least three weeks. Additionally, they will deduct the cost of repairs or upgrades and offer you a deal.

    Alternatives to SimplySold You Should Consider

    Not sure if it is worthwhile selling your home with a cash buyer? You can consider these alternatives instead:

    • Work with a real estate agent: If you want to go the traditional way, a real estate agent might be a good choice. They will list your home, arrange for an inspection, get you potential buyers, and close the deal in your best interests. However, be ready to shed at least 3% of the selling cost as commission.
    • Find a discount realtor: If you do a little more research, you can manage to find discount realtors who can close the deal at somewhat around 0.5% to 2% commission.
    • Consider ‘For Sale By Owner’ marketplaces: These websites allow you to list your property, compare offers from various home buyers, and sell the house with full control and zero agent commissions.

    SimplySold Reviews: Should You Sell to Them?

    Selling your home to SimplySold can be a worthwhile decision if you are on a financial crunch and need to sell your property for quick cash. The biggest advantage is they will buy your home in whatever condition it is in – whether it is involved in some disputes or requires major repairs. There are also no upfront costs required to sell your home. However, you can expect only 50%-70% of your home’s equity. Nevertheless, it is a fair offer keeping in mind zero hassles and costs involved in the process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I have tenants living on my property. Would you still buy my home?

    Yes. We have helped hundreds of homeowners sell their properties that have tenants who refuse to leave or other disputes. We know how to approach these situations in a way where all parties can benefit.

    Q. Is there any obligation to accept your cash offer?

    No; we provide obligation-free cash offers that you can accept or walk away without any explanations or legal obligations.

    Q. Do you charge a commission or closing cost?

    No; our process of buying a home as-is does not involve any kind of closing costs, fees, or commissions. 



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