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    365 Property Buyers Review 2024: How It Works, Pros & Cons

    Posted by Clark Callen Posted at June 26, 2024

    365 Property Buyers is a “We Buy Houses for Cash” company in Arkansas, purchasing homes as-is and for cash. Any type of property, any condition – they will give you a guaranteed cash offer on it right away; no waiting time! The closing time is also quick, within 7 to 28 days.

    Most importantly, you do not have to go through the time-consuming processes of property showings, inspections, or repairs. The cash home buyer will check for potential repair issues or other disputes on the property and will give you a cash offer after deducting the repair cost. Selling your home to 365 Property Buyers does not involve any other costs, such as service fees, closing costs, or agency commissions.

    However, just like other local cash home buyers in the U.S., you can expect up to 50% to 70% of your home’s Fair Market Value (FMV). But they are a trusted company and you can count on them if you want to sell your distressed property hassle-free or you need fast cash.

    Is 365 Property Buyers Legit?

    When it comes to selling your home to cash buyers, make sure you do not get ripped off by some shady company. You need to take care of things like “Does the cash buyer pay all fees, including repair charges and closing fees?” “Do they pay what they initially offer?”

    Luckily, 365 Property Buyers is a family-owned local business and a legitimate home buyer, fully registered and compliant with the regulations of Arkansas and Texas. They have been buying homes since 2002 and enjoy a 5-star rating on Google. They have also shared their Certificate of Filing on their website, so you can rest assured they will not scam you in any way.   

    What Types of Properties Do They Buy?

    As the company claims, whatever your reason to sell your home, they will buy it. They purchase homes as-in, regardless of whether it is distressed or facing a dispute. Check out the various types of properties they typically buy:

    • Homes with major structural issues or that require major foundational repairs
    • Inherited properties
    • Houses facing situational hardships, such as foreclosure, probate or liens
    • Homes that violate building codes
    • Rental properties with problematic tenants

    365 Property Buyers Coverage

    The company primarily buys homes in Arkansas, but they also provide service all over the USA. 

    Steps to Sell a Home to 365 Property Buyers

    They have a hassle-free process of buying homes in the U.S.:

    • Fill up the form: Visit their official website and fill up their simple online form by providing the required details like the type of your property, street address, ZIP/postal code, phone, and email ID.
    • Confirm your address: Based on the information you provide, the company will pull details from Google Streetview to confirm your location.
    • Property condition: Next, you will need to provide property details and the current condition of your home by selecting the right fields in their online form. Select the level that precisely describes the amount of repair/remodeling that needs to be done on your house to make it ready for a new buyer.
    • Get an instant cash offer: Once you confirm your property details and personal information, 365 Property Buyers will provide you with an instant cash offer based on your home’s present condition, repair costs, and the average value of similar homes in your neighborhood.

    365 Property Buyers Payout 

    365 Property Buyers typically calculate 50% to 70% of your home’s Fair Market Value to make you an instant cash offer. This computation is based on several factors.

    • The company will review similar types of properties in your neighborhood that were sold recently to determine the average market value of your home.
    • Based on the property details you submit, they will identify potential repair or improvement needs. They will deduct the estimated repair cost from the final cash offer.  

    The rate of 50% to 70% of your home’s market value may seem lowball initially, but it can be your best bet keeping in mind that you do not have to pay for repair costs, closing costs, or agent commissions. Additionally, you can get rid of your distressed property right away and with cash in hand.

    365 Property Buyers Ratings and Reviews 

    365 Property Buyers enjoys an excellent 5-star rating on Google with 7 reviews. The number of reviews is less, but all the customers have appreciated the company for their knowledge, industry experience, and professionalism. They loved the fact that the cash home buyer discussed different selling options with them based on the property’s condition, helping them make an informed choice.

    365 Property Buyers Pros & Cons  

    To ensure that cash home buyers, such as 365 Property Buyers, aren’t scams, it is important to evaluate their pros & cons thoroughly before deciding to sell to them.


    👍A local “We buy houses for cash” company with a proven track record of providing a fair cash offer.

    👍Quick closing time of less than 7 days or you have the flexibility to choose your preferred closing date.

    👍Enjoy a speedy sale without having to do the heavy lifting of repairs, property showings, inspections, or closing – they will do it all.

    👍The cash home buyer does not charge any realtor commission or service fee. You can save money while having the convenience of selling your home quickly.


    👎A drawback of the company is they mostly buy homes in Arkansas, though they claim to provide services across the U.S.

    👎If your home is in pretty good condition and requires only minor repairs, then their cash offer of 50% to 70% may be much lower than its true market value.

    365 Property Buyers Competitor Analysis   

    When considering selling your house to a cash home buyer, you should always compare 2-3 options and their cash offers to get the best deal. Some of the top competitors of 365 Property Buyers are:

    Cash Homebuyers America

    Cash Homebuyers America is a reputable cash home buyer that purchases properties across the nation. They typically buy dispute properties against a fair cash offer, with a closing time of less than 7 days. They have a 4.9 rating out of 5 on Google.   


    HomeGo is another cash home buyer in the U.S. that purchases houses as-is for a cash offer. They operate in similar lines with 365 Property Buyers, offering up to 70% of your home’s Fair Market Value. However, their coverage is extensive, serving homeowners across 23 states.

    We Buy Houses

    We Buy Houses claims itself to be the only office “We Buy Houses” company in the United States, allowing you to sell your distressed property quickly to a local home buyer. Their payout is similar to that of 365 Property Buyers, but have a wide coverage across 30 states.

    Alternatives to 365 Property Buyers You Should Consider

    Selling your home fast for quick cash may sound like a compelling proposition, but you should be aware of prevalent scams or sketchy companies that will leave you baffled. Some other alternatives that you may consider are discussed herewith:

    • Real Estate Agents: A real estate agent is a good choice if you want to compare offers from multiple buyers and choose the best deal. They will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf, such as showings, inspections, documentation, etc. and also negotiate with the buyer to get you the best value for your home. However, they can charge hefty commissions of up to 6% on your property’s sale price.
    • iBuyers: If your home requires minimal repair or remodeling, you can consider selling it through an iBuyer that provides cash offers for your home. They typically par 70% to 80% of your home’s market value but will deduct a 5% service fee from the offer.

    Should You Sell Your Home to 365 Property Buyers?

    If you do not want to face the hassles of selling your distressed property or if it requires major repairs, an ideal option can be to sell your home to 365 Property Buyers with zero stress. They will buy your home as-is and make a cash offer after deducting the repair cost, which is a good bet if you need fast cash. Also, they have a 5-star rating and good reviews on Google. However, the only disadvantage is they have limited service coverage – only in Arkansas.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How long does it take to sell my home to 365 Property Buyers?

    After making a cash offer, it may take around 7 business days to close the sale. However, you also have the flexibility to choose your own preferred closing timeline.

    Q. Do they buy any type of property?

    Yes; being a “We Buy Houses For Cash” company, they buy properties in whatever condition they are.

    Q. Which areas do they serve?

    Though they claim to provide service across the U.S., they mostly buy homes in Arkansas.



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