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We buy houses in South Carolina and want to give you the best solution, with local individuals helping you out with the move, a fair cash price, creative selling options, foreclosure support, and best of all, we can close in just 14 days. So if you want to sell your house fast, you’re in the right place. We are a local family-owned business in South Carolina and your partnership is important to us.

We understand you will have some questions before you decide to sell your home fast. That’s okay–please connect with us! We love talking to people to see how we can help.

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Cash for Home, LLC
301 Greystone Blvd Ste 125
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 587-8787

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Just give us a ring at the phone number below or shoot us an email through the form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you need us quicker, make sure to call as we’re able to answer phone calls more quickly than we’re able to return emails.

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Free Guide to Stop Foreclosure in South Carolina

Want to stop foreclosure on your South Carolina property? We buy houses in South Carolina to help you avoid foreclosure.

Download our FREE Stop Foreclosure Guide here. Or, please contact us anytime you need us for expert opinion or a free evaluation of your property. We will respond within 24 hours.

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