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    HomeGo Reviews | How it Works, Pros & Cons, & Alternatives 

    Posted by Clark Callen Posted at June 26, 2024

    HomeGo is a “We Buy Homes For Cash” company, purchasing properties in whatever condition they are in and for cash. They take an average of 7 days to close a sale, ensuring you a hassle-free experience selling your home as-is. The process does not involve any inspection, repairs, or listing of your home on MLS. Also, you do not have to pay any commission or transaction fees.

    The cash home buyer offers a more professional way to sell your property and you can get same-day cash offers from licensed real estate agents. As the company claims, there is zero waiting period for your property to be sold. So, your home is sold right on Day One of contacting them and you get an actual cash offer, not an estimate.    

    Not sure if you should sell your home with HomeGo? Is it a legitimate company? How much do they pay for homes purchased? Check our comprehensive review to make an informed decision.

    Is HomeGo Legit?

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see advertisements saying “We buy homes for cash as-is: zero hassles, zero fees.” You’d probably think it is some scam. However, HomeGo and various other cash home buyers are engaged in 100% legitimate business, buying properties “as-is” for fast cash. 

    The company operates in 23 U.S. states, with over 30 offices that have licensed agents to guide you with the process and specifications of the local market. They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2018 and have an A+ BBB rating. HomeGo also has several customer reviews on Google, which appear to be legit. This indicates that they operate lawfully in the U.S., helping over 30,000 homeowners sell their properties in a hassle-free manner.

    What Types of Properties Do They Buy?

    As the company guarantees, they specializes in buying as-is homes – whether they need minor repairs or complete overhauls. According to HomeGo, they buy most types of homes that others cannot. These include:

    • Homes with major issues: They buy properties that have significant structural or foundational issues or houses that need major repairs as a result of flooding or fire. The cost of repair is factored into the cash offer they make.
    • Properties with disputes: If your home is facing any kind of situational hardship, such as liens, probate or foreclosure, you can still sell it for cash to HomeGo.
    • Homes with code violations or tenant problems: The cash home-buying company will purchase your property for cash even if it violates building codes or has tenants that are hard to move.

    Which Areas Do HomeGo Cover?

    HomeGo operates coast-to-coast, serving homeowners across 23 U.S. states, including Washington, Colorado, Texas, California, and Florida.

    What is the Selling Process?

    Upon reviewing their website and going through customer reviews, we found that HomeGo follows a straightforward and hassle-free process to buy homes for cash.

    • Get in touch with HomeGo: You can contact HomeGo in two ways: (i) Fill up their simple online form providing your home address, name, and contact details and (ii) Call them directly at 866-851-7632.
    • Book an appointment for an in-house walk-through: Schedule a 30-minute walk-through where one of their licensed agents will visit your property, evaluate, and provide a cash offer the same day.
    • Get a cash offer right away: Based on their analysis of your property, they will make an on-spot cash offer without the need for appraisal or scheduled inspection.
    • Close the sale: If you accept their cash offer, an agent will navigate you through the entire process to close the deal. They will buy your home with cash, so you do not have to face the hassles of financial risks. Furthermore, it is you who decide the closing date and when you will move out. They have a leaseback program that allows you to stay in your home longer and with cash in hand.

    HomeGo Payout

    A good thing about HomeGo is they are very transparent about how they calculate cash offers. Here’s how they determine your payout:

    • They will review similar homes in the neighborhood that were recently sold to determine your property’s average value.
    • During the walk-through, their real estate agent will thoroughly detect repair and improvement needs, considering all aspects of your home. The repair cost is deducted from the final cash offer they make.

    Factoring these elements, they typically make the cash offer upfront on Day One. The company also claims that they do not inflate the initial price to get the customers in and then reduce it before closing – they pay what they offer.

    However, expect to get only 50% to 70% of your home’s equity, which is a standard industry practice of most cash home buyers. Keeping in mind that you do not have to pay any commission, fees, or repair costs, the cash offer can be your best bet.  

    HomeGo Ratings and Reviews

    Checking the ratings and reviews of HomeGo can help you determine whether you should sell your home to them. The company has a decent 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Google with 97 reviews. Positive reviews indicate that HomeGo is honest and reliable, and closes deals quickly. However, several customers complained about their spammy marketing techniques. The company has a 2.83 out of 5-star rating on Better Business Bureau with an average of 35 customer reviews.

    HomeGo Pros & Cons

    Discussed here are the pros and cons of selling your property to HomeGo.


    • Sell your property in whatever condition it is, without having to pay for repairs or formal inspections.
    • HomeGo takes less than 7 days to close a sale or you can choose your preferred date to move out.
    • Their flexible leaseback program allows you to stay in your home even after closing and with cash in hand.
    • They are transparent in how they make a cash offer, ensuring you get a fair price for your property.


    • Poor BBB reviews state spammy marketing emails and phone calls.
    • The cash offer might not seem lucrative to you if your home is in good condition.

    HomeGo Competitor Analysis

    You do not have to settle with just one cash home buyer! Check out other potential competitors of HomeGo and make an informed choice.

    Cash Homebuyers America

    Cash Homebuyers America is a trusted cash home-buying company that provides nationwide services. They typically deal in dispute properties, providing a fair cash offer and closing the sale within 7 days. They have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google.

    We Buy Houses

    We Buy Houses is another popular cash home buyer that purchases houses as-is and has wide coverage across 30 U.S. states. They claim to be the only official We Buy Houses company in the U.S. that enables you to sell your home fast to an experienced local home buyer.

    HomeGo Alternatives You Should Consider

    Cash home buyers allow you to sell your property for fast cash, but you should also consider other alternatives to sell your home. These include:

    • Real Estate Agents: You can choose the traditional way of selling via a real estate agent. An advantage is that they will help you through the entire process, from listing your property to closing the sale. But be ready to pay at least 3% to 6% of the sale price for their commission.
    • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Listing Websites: You can list your home on an FSBO website easily and sell it yourself, without paying dollars in commissions. These websites are buyer-seller marketplaces where one-third of buyers will pay you in cash.

    HomeGo Reviews: Is it Worthwhile Selling Your Home?

    Wondering if you should sell your home to HomeGo? Based on our review, we can conclude that HomeGo is a good cash home-buying company to work with, especially if you value speed and expediency. They are a legitimate company and will buy your home as-is. That means you can shed all the disputes or repairs on the property from your shoulders and get quick cash. However, if you expect a higher value for your home, you can check with other alternatives.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Is HomeGo a trusted company?

    Yes; HomeGo is a reputable cash home-buying company operating legitimately across 23 U.S. states. They have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and have 4.6 rating on Google.

    Q. What is the highest possible sale price I can get from HomeGo?

    HomeGo does not specify the actual cash offer they make. However, the price is determined based on the average market value of similar homes in your neighborhood and repair costs. You can expect around 50%-70% of your home’s value.

    Q. Does HomeGo have any complaints?

    The most common complaint of HomeGo is unsolicited emails containing the customer’s property details and photos.  



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