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    Quick Homebuyers Review 2024: Is Their Cash Offer Worthwhile?

    Posted by Clark Callen Posted at June 27, 2024

    Quick Homebuyers is an established cash home-buying company, with 38 years of experience buying homes in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV). Often situations arise when you may want to sell your home fast for quick cash rather than waiting for days…even months…to list your property with a real estate agent. Quick Homebuyers will purchase your home in whatever condition it is in, with zero hassles, zero repairs, and zero costs.

    They are a family-owned and operated business, having purchased and sold over 3,000 homes in the Washington DC Metro Area. The cash home buyer will pay 100% of the closing cost and there is also no service fee or commission. Most importantly, they can settle the deal in as little as 3 days. They also provide the flexibility to close the sale and move out later.

    But before you sell your home to them directly, you should read this comprehensive Quick Homebuyers review to ensure they are worthwhile.

    Are Quick Homebuyers Legit?

    Quick Homebuyers is a local cash home-buying company, owned and managed by Ed Rooney and his family. They have a combined experience of 38 years in the real estate industry, helping homeowners sell their properties hassle-free and for fast cash. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. The company also has excellent ratings and reviews on prestigious platforms like Google, Yelp, etc. No wonder, they are a legitimate business and you can count on them to sell your home fast. 

    What Types of Properties Do They Buy?

    Quick Homebuyers will buy your home in any condition or situation for a fair cash offer. Situations when they can purchase your property are:

    • The home needs major repairs or improvements before you can sell it and you do not want the hassle or cost of repairing it on your own.
    • You want to get rid of bad tenants living in your rental property.
    • You are struggling with divorce proceedings or you are relocating, and want to sell the house fast.
    • The property is facing foreclosure or probate.
    • You have inherited the home and want to sell it quickly.  
    • You need quick money to meet your contingency needs.

    Quick Homebuyers Coverage

    Quick Homebuyers purchase homes anywhere within the Washington DC Metro Area. However, they claim to serve you even if you are located outside their coverage area.

    What is the Selling Process?

    The cash home-buying company makes it simple and quick to sell your home, providing an alternative to the traditional way of working with a real estate agent.

    • Fill up a Quick Response Form: They have a simple online form that you can fill up by visiting their website Provide all the details about your property, along with your contact information, as required in the form and submit it online.
    • Get an Offer Over Phone: It will take only 5 minutes over the phone when representatives from Quick Homebuyers will ask a few questions related to your property.
    • Receive a Final Cash Offer: They will evaluate your property details and may even visit your home for a quick walkthrough. This will help them get an estimate of potential repairs or improvements that need to be done on your property. Based on your property’s condition and the expected market value of your home, they will make a fair cash offer.
    • Accept and Close the Deal: If you accept their cash offer, they will proceed with the sale and settle the deal in as quickly as 3 days. You have the flexibility to choose a preferred date to move out.

    Quick Homebuyers Payout

    Quick Homebuyers take a comprehensive, transparent, and fair approach to determining a cash offer for your home. After gathering all relevant property information from you, they will do thorough research to find similar properties in your neighborhood. They will compare the property type/style and square footage that have been remodeled and sold in the past few months. This will help them compute an estimated cost of repair and make you a cash offer right over the phone.

    Alternatively, they can visit your home to get an estimate of repairs and provide an offer after deducting the renovation cost from your home’s market value. As they buy homes as-is and you do not have to pay for repairs or fees, they are likely to deduct around 30% to 50% of the property’s market value.

    Quick Homebuyers Reviews       

    Quick Homebuyers is a reputable and legitimate cash home buyer that has an excellent 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google against 39 reviews. They also enjoy a 4.77 out of 5 rating on BBB against an average of 43 customer reviews. Customers best like their professionalism and extensive support in the process of selling their homes. Many homeowners have appreciated that they make a fair cash offer and pay what they commit.

    Quick Homebuyers Pros and Cons

    Consider the pros and cons of selling your home to Quick Homebuyers.


    • Sell houses as-is: This “We Buy Houses for Cash” company purchases properties in whatever conditions they are in. Whether your house needs major repairs, is occupied, or facing foreclosure, they will make a cash offer.
    • Fast closing: They claim to settle the deal in just 3 days. However, you have the flexibility to close it on any suitable date.
    • Zero fees and closing costs: Quick Homebuyers does not charge any fees for their service. They will also pay 100% of the closing cost.


    • No scope for negotiation: With cash home-buying companies, you have a limited scope of negotiating an offer that you think is best.
    • Expect an offer lower than your home’s market price: Quick Homebuyers will deduct the repair cost from your home’s market value, so you may get a lower cash offer.

    Quick Homebuyers Competitor Analysis

    If you expect a better offer than what Quick Homebuyers makes, you can review some of their competitors like:


    HomeVestors is one of the leading home buyers in America that purchases properties from sellers directly for cash. They have nationwide coverage and you may get consistent services across America. You can expect up to 70% of your home’s Fair Market Value (FMV).


    Opendoor Technologies Inc. is an Internet-based company, or iBuyer, that purchases and sells homes across the country. Simply provide your property details and they will make an instant cash offer, which is generally higher than what other cash home buyers will offer. However, they typically buy homes that need minimal repairs. Additionally, they will charge a 5% service fee.     

    Alternatives to Quick Homebuyers You Should Consider

    Even if you prefer selling your home quickly for cash, it is ideal to consider other alternatives to Quick Homebuyers.

    • Discount Realtors: Not ready to pay hefty agent commissions? You can find discount realtors who may list your property and close the deal at just 0.5% to 2% commission.
    • iBuyers: Selling your home to an iBuyer like Opendoor may help you get up to 80% of the property’s market value. You can also expect prompt services.
    • Cash buyer marketplace: These internet-based marketplaces allow you to list your property on the MLS in less than 48 hours. Here, you will get multiple offers from cash home buyers, so you can negotiate better and drive up the price.

    Is It Worthwhile Selling Your Home to Quick Homebuyers?

    Quick Homebuyers is a trustworthy and legitimate cash home buyer that serves the entire Washington DC Metro Area. Their cash offer is pretty good, considering that you can sell your distressed property as-is without any hassle or additional costs. However, the only limitation is they have a limited service coverage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What information do they need when I contact them to sell my home?

    In the initial stage, they will require basic information about you and your property. This may include your address, how long you have been living there, the type and structure of the property, and the overall condition of your home.

    Q. Is Quick Homebuyers a legitimate company?

    Quick Homebuyers have 38 years of experience evaluating your home and determining a fair cash offer to buy your property as-is. They are a local, family-owned company and have excellent ratings & reviews on various reputable websites.

    Q. I have a mortgage on our home. What will happen to it once I sell my house to you?

    According to law, the attorney processing the settlement of our home will pay off the mortgage or lien at the time when you receive funds from us. 



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