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    How to Sell Your House Fast in North Charleston, SC

    Posted by Clark Callen Posted at June 26, 2024

    Selling a home fast in North Charleston, South Carolina, is often necessary. You may have encountered financial difficulties that warrant needing to sell quickly to avoid foreclosure. Divorce or job loss are also very common reasons why you need to sell quickly. Legal situations, inheritance of property you do not want or cannot manage, or simply because you’re ready to move are all reasons not to wait to sell.

    How do you do it? There are two main methods for doing so.

    Option 1: Request a Cash Offer for Your North Charleston, SC Home

    The cash buying process is the fastest method as it cuts out all of the complications of buying (no mortgage lenders to slow things down). If you choose a company that specializes in buying homes for cash, that can help to speed up the process even more so. These companies make the entire process easy.

    The cash home buying process

    The cash home buying process typically involves just a few steps:

    • You request an offer from a house buyer. You do not pay anything to get this offer.
    • There are no repairs to make. It does not matter the condition of your home. There’s no marketing involved.
    • You get an offer from the cash buyer. You then decide on it based on how well it works for your needs.
    • You accept the offer. If you do, that means the contract is drawn up, the necessary legal documents are signed, and the home is transferred in ownership to the buyer.
    • You receive the cash payment in your bank account.

    This entire process takes days to weeks to complete. It’s stress-free for most people.

    Who Buys Houses in North Charleston, SC?

    There are numerous companies that buy homes for cash in North Charleston, SC. Research each to determine which is best suited for your needs.

    • MegaFox Properties: You don’t pay commissions or fees with this company, and they buy homes in any condition. Call them at 843-900-0082 or apply online for a cash offer.
    • Turn Pro Home Buyers: With no costs and the promise of a fair offer, this company is an option for many in the area. Contact them online for an offer or call 843-806-0297.
    • Barrington Home Buyers: A trusted company with over 10 years of experience, Barrington Home Buyers is a family-owned company. Contact them at 843-202-4564 or request an online offer.

    Pros and Cons of Selling to a House-Buying Company

    Consider the advantages and limitations of selling your home through a house-buying company carefully based on what is most important to your situation:


    • You can sell it fast, often within a matter of days rather than months.
    • You get a cash offer, which means there is no need to meet the requirements of a mortgage lender for repairs and safety.
    • It’s likely to be a guaranteed close. There are no contingencies to hold up the process.


    • You are likely to get a fair price, but one that’s lower than what you can expect to get from the traditional sales market.
    • You cannot improve the property to increase the value of your offer.

    What Type of Homes Work for Cash Buyers?

    Cash buyers are less specific about the home they buy. Most will invest in these properties to update them and sell them again for a profit. Single-family homes do well, but so do condos and other properties in desirable neighborhoods.

    Option 2: Hire a Top North Charleston, SC Real Estate Agent

    Hiring an agent certainly gives you more personalized service and a hands-off experience. It does take longer, but you can expect the process to incorporate more support so you can maximize what you sell the property for. Still, you need to know the market, and paying an agent is necessary.

    Pros and Cons of Hiring a Charleston, SC Real Estate Agent

    Check out the benefits and a few disadvantages of using an agent.


    • You are likely to sell for the best value possible for your home.
    • There’s less that you have to do personally in the marketing aspect of the home.
    • You can choose who you sell to without some limitations.


    • You have to pay the real estate agent’s fee.
    • Upgrades could be necessary to make the home sellable.

    Expert Tips on Seling Your Home Fast in Charleston, SC

    If you’re planning to sell with an agent, consider these tips:

    • Choose an agent that markets well. Check out how they market other homes like your own.
    • Price your home to sell. That could be lower than the competition.
    • Be ready to add features to the home to make it more desirable.

    Real Estate Market in North Charleston, SC

    Take a look at the current market conditions as noted by Redfin in March of 2024:

    • Median sale price: $349,000
    • 172 homes sold in March of 2024.
    • Homes sit on the market for about 55 days before selling.
    • The average price per square foot was $203, which was 6.6% higher than the previous year.

    Best Time to Sell in North Charleston, SC Fast

    Selling fast is often possible throughout the year with a house buyer. However, with the open market, sales increase in the spring and summer months.

    Ready to Sell Your Home Fast in North Charleston?

    If you’re ready to sell, consider one last factor: Costs. You pay nothing to sell your home to a house buyer at all. You’ll like pay between 6 and 8% commission if you use an agent.

    FAQs on Selling House Fast in North Charleston, SC

    Can I market my own home to sell it fast?

    You can, though there are added costs and a lot more work to sell your home yourself.

    What types of homes sell the fastest in North Charleston?

    Starter homes, which are smaller and more affordable, tend to sell the fastest on the local market.

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