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    How to Sell Your House Fast in Goose Creek, SC

    Posted by Clark Callen Posted at June 26, 2024

    Is it time to move? A divorce, job loss, or tightening legal situation may make now the best time for you to move fast. That inherited property you cannot manage needs to go. No matter why you’re ready to move on, doing so quickly isn’t always simple. There are two main options to help you facilitate this process.

    Option 1: Request a Cash Offer for Your Goose Creek, SC Home

    The first process is the fastest solution: sell your home to a company that specializes in buying homes fast. These companies typically offer a cash value for your home and pay right away. They usually intend to buy the home and then upgrade it to rent out or sell it at a higher value.

    The Cash Home Buying Process

    To sell a home for cash in Goose Creek, you’ll need to find a few specific companies to compare. There are numerous in the area. Compare them and then request an offer for your home from those that interest you.

    Once you get that offer, which is based on your home’s features and size, among other factors, you can then agree to move forward or back out without any limitation. If you decide to sell, you’ll receive a payment after the home’s title is transferred. This generally takes a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

    Who Buys Houses in Goose Creek, SC

    Always compare companies carefully before making a decision. These are a few local organizations that buy houses fast.

    • Palmetto Home Buyers: A local company that is noted for being women-owned and locally run, Palmetto Home Buyers will provide you with an online cash offer. Call them at 843-790-4689.
    • Barrington Home Buyers: Another specialized company, Barrington Home Buyers, purchases homes without hassles. They say they pay more than others. Get an offer online or by calling 843-202-4564.
    • Charleston House Buyers: You can sell your home fast for cash with Charleston House Buyers. They don’t have fees and will provide a free offer if you request it online or call 843-800-2039.

    Pros and Cons of Selling to House-Buying Companies


    • You can sell within a matter of days in most cases.
    • There are no renovations to deal with at all.
    • You don’t have to worry about an appraisal.


    • You may not get the highest dollar amount for the home.
    • You cannot enhance the home to add value or increase desirability.

    What Type of Homes Work for Cash Buyers?

    The ideal choice is a starter home, but any type of home can be beneficial to cash buyers if it is in demand in the local market.

    Option 2: Hire a Top Goose Creek, SC Real Estate Agent

    Hiring a licensed real estate agent is another route. This means finding, interviewing, and hiring a person to do the work for you.

    Pros and Cons of Hiring a Goose Creek, SC Real Estate Agent


    • You may sell the home for more than if you sold it yourself.
    • You get more coverage for marketing, which could lead to more sales.
    • There’s nothing you have to do until it’s time to sign papers.


    • You will pay a fee for the service.
    • Repairs and appraisals can slow down the process.
    • It can take up to 60 days or longer to sell.

    Expert Tips on Selling Your Home Fast in Goose Creek, SC

    There’s no better way to sell your home fast than to price it competitively, often lower than the competition in the area. Hiring a local pro who knows the area well and has a strong network of buyers can also help you.

    Real Estate Market in Goose Creek, SC

    Data from Redfin provides insights into the current real estate market in Goose Creek. Here’s what you need to take into consideration:

    • Median sale price: $354,700 (up 5.3% over 2023)
    • Median sale price per square foot is $201
    • Days on the market: 54
    • Number of homes sold in March: 78

    Best Time to Sell in Goose Creek, SC Fast

    For this area, selling a home in May, June, and July tends to be ideal because there are more people in the market at this time looking for a home.

    Ready to Sell Your Home Fast in Goose Creek

    Selling your home for cash can be a very beneficial move especially if you do not want to pay anything for the process and you need speed. With a real estate agent, you’ll pay commission between 6 and 8% of the home sale price, but you’ll also pay for fees and have to make upgrades that can reduce any increase in value you may get.

    FAQs on Selling House Fast in Goose Creek, SC

    What are the hardest months to sell a home in Goose Creek?

    The worst months to sell tend to be in the winter because there’s less demand due to fewer buyers in the market.

    How long does it take to sell a home most of the time?

    Expect the process to take between 55 and 70 days on the market. If you sell with a house buyer, it could be done in 2 weeks.

    How can we help you?

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